Who’s Who

People to contact if you need help, or just a chat!


Welfare Officers: Ottilie Lloyd-Thomas and Joe Shalom

Welfare is extremely important to QJCR, and with this in mind we have a three person welfare team! Emily and Tom can always be found if you’re feeling down and just want a chat, and they also have loads of sexual health supplies and information on student issues. They have lots of FREE condoms, pregnancy tests and chlamydia tests as well as wads of information to give out on issues like stress and procrastination. If you want a chat about ANYTHING, just get in touch.

LGBT+ Officer: Jamie Braidley

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and Jamie works as part of the welfare team to offer advice and support for anyone who considers themselves to fall into any of these categories. Like the rest of the welfare team, Jamie can provide free condoms and other sexual health supplies, but also organises LGBT social events throughout the year. Check out the LGBT page on the QJCR website to find out more!

JCR President: Leyla Sudbury

Though the welfare team usually help to coordinate welfare through the JCR, Leyla is in a perfect position to communicate with different departments, and take any problems to more senior members of College if necessary.


Other Welfare Provision in College;

The College Nurse: Emma Deller

Emma is the full-time college nurse, and she is there to provide medical (including mental health) support to students, and associated welfare support. Her office can be found in the Health Centre, located between BB and CC staircases. Her hours are Monday-Friday, 09:45-12:45 and 14:00-17:00. This is a drop-in service available to all students. She will also be ‘on call’ during some periods of the week during term-time too. She can be contacted at nurse@queens.cam.ac.uk

The Welfare Advisor: Mairi Hurrell

Mairi is the full-time Welfare Advisor, and she is there to provide welfare support of any kind to the students, including general stress and exam associated anxiety! She will be available in DD2, Monday-Friday between 08:30 and 17:00. Lunchtimes vary and will be posted on her colege door. Mairi can be contacted at welfareadviser@queens.cam.ac.uk

The College Chaplain: Tim Harling

Tim is in and around college normally from Sunday- Friday during term time. He is the only person walking around in a dog-collar so he is easy to spot! He is available for general support and specific worries that people want to talk through. He also acts as a signpost for religious students in helping them to express there beliefs in conjunction with their busy Cambridge lives! You will find him in DD1 or the Chapel where he takes regular services. His email address is tch42@cam.ac.uk

Your Tutor

Your tutor is a senior member of college designed to offer you academic support. You can go to your tutor with any problems, personal or academic. They are also the person who will help you if you decide you wish to degrade, if you get into serious financial difficulty, or if you wish to apply for excess residence or a bursary for vacation work or travel. Each tutor has a set drop-in time, that can be found on the Queens’ website here: http://www.queens.cam.ac.uk/student-information/tutorial-information/tut…. You may also contact any other tutor if yours is unavailable, or if you would just prefer to talk to someone else. If you can’t find a tutor in an emergency, the porters will be able to get hold of one for you.

The Senior Tutor: James Kelly

James Kelly is the Senior Tutor of Queens’, but don’t let this title put you off. He is very keen to improve welfare for students, and is incredibly approachable. He is available to help you with any of the issues that you might see your regular tutor for, and is useful if you find that you don’t get along with your tutor. He is available in Essex 8, Monday 0900-1100 or by appointment (email: jwk23@cam.ac.uk). You can also approach Dr Kelly through the JCR welfare team.

The Porters

Our brilliant porters are a fountain of knowledge about pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about Queens’, and can hep you out if you need to contact the nurse, call an ambulance or are having trouble with your neighbours. The Porters can be called on 01223 335500, or emailed at qplodge@queens.cam.ac.uk .

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