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Queens’ LGBT+

What we do
Queens’ and Cambridge more generally are great environments to be LGBT+. As rep, it’s my role to make sure whatever your sexual or gender identity, you feel that you’re supported and part of a community.

Whether you need condoms, dental dams, lubricant or pregnancy tests, all are available through the college. If you need any of the above, fill out this form and the sexual health item you requested will be delivered to your pidgeon hole in a discreet package as soon as possible.

If you’re struggling with any issues related to identifying as LGBT+, be it coming out or questioning your sexuality or gender identity and so on, please contact me through any means listed on the committee page. If you want to talk in person or get in touch through email, any concern can be shared with me confidentially and I will always do my best to help or get you in contact with the right people who can.

The second part of my position as rep is to make sure the needs of LGBT+ students are seen to by the JCR. If there are any concerns you have with college in terms of representing LGBT+ needs, such as facilities, inclusive talks, etc. do again get in touch at to ensure the LGBT+ community is visible and fairly represented in college.

The social side of the LGBT+ scene is particularly great in Queens’, and something that will continue through this year. As rep, I will organize swaps to maximise the mixing Queens’ does with other colleges, as well as host pre-drinks for all LGBT+ events, such as the club night or Rainbow Bops which happen throughout the year. Combined with the welfare side, I will be happy to attend any LGBT+ event you don’t wish to attend alone – just simply get in touch!

A big part of being LGBT+ is meeting people outside of college early on, and CUSU LGBT+ is responsible for organising the bigger social events. On a weekly basis, CUSU LGBT+ hosts the following events, with details announced in the CUSU LGBT+ mailing list:

Monday: Spectrum, 10:30pm @ Revs – the weekly LGBT+ club night, held at Revs
Thursday: Women’s coffee, 5pm @ Clown’s Cafe – a coffee social for any LGBT+ identifying women
Saturday: Trans* coffee @ Clown’s Cafe – a coffee social for anyone identifying as transgender
Saturday: BiSocial, 1:30pm @ Clown’s Cafe – a coffee social for anyone identifying as bisexual
Sunday: Coffee social, 3pm @ The Arches – a coffee social for anyone identifying as LGBT+
Sunday: LGBT+ drinks, 8pm @ The Union – a drinks social held at the Union bar

CUSU has an excellent parenting scheme, where two to three LGBT+ freshers are given two LGBT+ parents from second year upwards. This is a great way to meet LGBT+ people and get into the social side of the LGBT+ scene from the get go. Sign up for LGBT+ parenting here.

Online resources

CUSU trans* resources
A fairly comprehensive guide to being transgender in Cambridge, from tackling transphobia to thinking about your gender identity.

The Laurels Sexual Health Clinic
A free confidential clinic in Cambridge who offer a wider range of contraceptives, as well as vaccines and treatments for STIs.

Cambridge University Counselling Service
Another free counselling service as an alternative to college welfare, which has range of professional therapists to offer help and advice.

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