Privacy Policy

Privacy is important, here's all the information collected, where it's stored and how it is used.


We use a few tools to help us develop this site that collect certain forms of data.

Contact form

The contact form makes a note of the IP address and User Agent of any submission. This is used to block spam and is not stored in any database.

Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to give us data on how the site is used. This data is non-identifiable but is stored outside of the EU. More information is provided by Google here.


When you log in with raven, we never get access to your password. The raven system sends back your crsid and a secure token which is used by the JCR site to log you in here. We get your name from the QJCR Table of Faces and not from the university.


The search facility keeps a log of the most common search queries and in particular the most common search queries for which there are no results. This information is really useful to discover what information is missing from the JCR site. The information is not stored in a personally identifiable manner.

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