CUSU provides a growing range of services for its students. It should be noted that CUSU does not receive University funding for provision of services; nonetheless, they strive to provide a balance between quality and value.

A list of the services:

  • Student Discounts
  • CUSU Mail Service
  • Post Forwarding
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Services in the Office (eg photocopying, printing, binding)
  • Welfare and Sexual Health Supplies
  • CUSU Societies Fair
  • Societies Directory
  • Societies Representation
  • events@cam
  • Colleges Database
  • Entertainments (eg Shut up and Dance)
  • Publications

(See the CUSU service section in the ‘Guide to CUSU’ at for more information on each of these services)

Dominic Brown
Dominic Brown,
Vice President (External)