How to get involved

There are opportunities to get involved for all levels of commitment, and it’s encouraged that you do.

(Please email our External officer [] to know more)

Just want to keep in the loop

Join the Queens’ external mailing list. Our JCR External Officer emails out the agenda a few days before Council is to meet, asking for input on how he/she should vote on any motion you are concerned about. After Council, he/she will email out the results and how he/she voted (Email our External officer to be put on the list). Alternatively (or both), you can attend CUSU Council yourself. Anyone can but only Council members can vote (except at the termly Open meetings – where anyone can vote).

Propose a motion

If there is something you really feel strong about then there is nothing stopping you doing something about it. One option is to mandate the Council to act on it by passing a motion. If you’d like to know more about this, please do get in touch with our External Officer.

Join the Council

There are multiple options here, and any student can stand. Elections are throughout the year so don’t hesitate to look into it.

  • Full-time member (sabbatical officer): These are paid positions (~£16,000 p.a. – nothing massive, but then you’re not doing it for the money!) requiring you to take a year out of your degree – do speak to your DOS first! It’s a rewarding experience and extends you time here at Cambridge.
  • Part-time member: Your standard committee role; not too demanding on time, just what you make of it.
  • Join an autonomous campaign: Or start you own!
  • Other affiliations: Such as becoming your College External Officer or Faculty Rep.
Dominic Brown
Dominic Brown,
Vice President (External)