JCR Committee

President: Joseph Levin & Lizzie Carr

Hi, we are Lizzie (1st year Classicist) and Joe (2nd year BioNatsci) this year's JCR Co-Presidents. Our role is to try and make life here as easy and enjoyable as possible for the students by representing your views to the rest of college. We attend many meetings, sit on various committees and regularly meet with senior members of the college. In all these places we can raise concerns or ideas on behalf of the student body, making sure that the students are at the heart of the decision-making process in Queens'. We are also responsible for chairing the JCR Committee and support each member of the committee with whatever ideas they have or projects they wish to carry out. This year we are hoping to start student led welfare workshops in freshers' week and to look into mental health provision at the college and the university. As the main voice of the students, the JCR needs to function as a transparent, representative and effective unit that assures the student voice is heard and maintains its place at the centre of college life. This year we have a great committee and we want to help them continue to make Queens' the fun, vibrant place it is! Please feel free to get in touch should you ever need assistance or have any suggestions on how your JCR can better help you out: lizzie.carr@qjcr.org.uk or joseph.levin@qjcr.org.uk

Email: jcr-president@queens.cam.ac.uk

Vice President (Internal): Clemmie Elwes

Hi, I'm Clemmie, Vice-President (Internal) and Treasurer for the 2015-2016 committee. As well as representing the interests of Queens' undergraduates along with the rest of the QJCR, my main role involves being responsible for the JCR's finances. I am the person to go for budget allocation for all college societies at the beginning of Michaelmas term, and for reimbursement of society spending within the allocated budget the rest of the year round (for more information). I also coordinate payments for all the year dinners.Furthermore, I manage the organisation and delivery of college stash orders. I am looking forward to introducing some new items this year, and any suggestions on new stash that everyone will like are welcomed! Remember, stash can be ordered online throughout the year (you can visit the fancy new stash page here)Whether you have suggestions, complaints or questions, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help you!

Email: jcr-vp-internal@queens.cam.ac.uk

Vice President (External): Sam Dixon

Hello, I'm Sam, Queens' JCR Vice President External for 2016/17.There are two aspects to my position. First, I act as the JCR's representative to the Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU), translating Queens' students' interests to CUSU Council and CUSU officers, as well as raising awareness within college of university-wide issues and various CUSU campaigns. As a JCR committee we are keen to make sure we are making the most of our CUSU membership, so if you feel there are important university-wide issues or campaigns we are not making college aware of, please let me know! The second aspect of my position - perhaps most important this year - is to chair the JCR's welfare sub-committee, consisting of the external officers (Women's, LGBT+, BME and Disabilities officers) and men's and women's welfare officers, mediating between the JCR and the college's own welfare team. This year we are working on an ambitious project of setting up student-run welfare workshops for incoming Queens' freshers, focusing on mental health and alcohol usage both in college and at university more generally. Any problems or suggestions, please do get in touch!

Email: jcr-vp-external@queens.cam.ac.uk

Secretary: Lizzy Moore

Hello, I'm Lizzy, your Secretary and Academics Officer for 2016-2017. As Secretary it is my role to make sure that you are aware of all the events on in Queens' and across the University. I'll be putting up posters around college and sending out a weekly newsletter to keep you up to date. If you would like anything to be published, let me know! As Academics Officer I am a link between you and the fellows/staff. I will be sitting on the Teaching & Learning and the Library Committees so please get in touch if you have any issues about your academic environment. I am here to bring about any possible improvements and ensure that you happy in your working environment so drop me and email of you have any questions/concerns.

Email: jcr-secretary@queens.cam.ac.uk

Freshers Reps: Sophie Sterne & Jirka Lhotka

Hi everyone, we are Jirka and Sophie and together we are your freshers' reps. Our main role is organizing Freshers' Week so anyone coming to Queens? in October 2016, you will be seeing a lot of us in your first few days here! Freshers' Week is the perfect time to get involved, have fun, make friends and become part of a really great, friendly community and we are here to help throughout this! We will do anything we can to make sure everyone is made to feel welcome and make sure no one is in any doubt as to whether Queens' is the best place to call home for the next 3+ years! Another big part of our role is welfare so if you have any concerns or problems, we are always available to talk (and even if you don't, we're always up for a chat!) so please contact us anytime about anything!

Email: jcr-firstyear@queens.cam.ac.uk
Email: sophie.sterne@qjcr.org.uk

Email: Jirka.Lhotka@qjcr.org.uk


Computer Officer: Thomas Webster

I'm Tom, a Second year mathmo and your JCR Computer Officer. I'm in charge of running the website and other computing needs of the JCR. If you have any questions about anything related to the website or computing at Queens' in general get in touch at the address below.

Email: jcr-computer@queens.cam.ac.uk

Steward: Zac Gilmore

Hi,I'm Zac, a second year mathmo and I'm your Steward this year. My role is to work with Catering to ensure that everyone gets the best possible eating experience during their time here in college. I also organise the various Guest Nights throughout the year, where you get to invite your family and friends, and am your go-to contact if you want to have a society formal here in college. If you have any suggestions, complaints or questions regarding any aspect of the catering department or food, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.

Email: jcr-steward@queens.cam.ac.uk

Access Officer: Abbie Coombs

Hi! I'm Abbie (a second year law student), Queens' College's Access Officer for the 2016-17 JCR Committee. Arriving here from a state school with little tradition of progression to Cambridge University was certainly daunting, but has made me determined to ensure that students from any background or educational sector feel they can achieve a place here, and will be welcomed if they do so. I will be working hard to maintain and extend the range of access initiatives Queens' has in place and will gladly accept any questions and ideas people have.

Email: jcr-access@queens.cam.ac.uk

Welfare & Women's Officer: Daisy Buckley

Hi! I'm Daisy, your Women's Welfare Officer at Queens'. So many students experience mental health problems at university, and Ben and I will be working in college and across Cambridge University to make sure you always feel supported and know how to contact our great college welfare team. Welfare isn't a negative term to prioritize only when things aren't going well - it's an important aspect of daily life, especially in a fast-paced environment like Cambridge. If you ever want to chat about anything, be it big or small, do come find me in X3 or pop me an email, I'm always around!

Email: jcr-womens-welfare@queens.cam.ac.uk

Welfare & Men's Officer: Ben Collins

Hi! I'm Ben, the Men's Welfare Officer for this year. My role is to promote the well-being of the student body and to facilitate your access to welfare resources (be they our wonderful welfare team or sexual health supplies). In particular, I'm here to increase the presence of Men's Welfare in college - it's something that is a bit stigmatised and men just don't talk honestly about it enough. Cambridge can be such an amazing place to study, but the highly intense environment makes welfare really important. Please feel free to drop me a message / come and find me in person (BB27) if you want to have a talk about anything, be it welfare-related or not and whether you identify as a man or not.

Email: jcr-mens-welfare@queens.cam.ac.uk

International Officer: Miranda Imperial

Hi everyone! I'm Miranda Imperial, your JCR International Officer for the year. The most important aspect of my role is making sure that we attain a cohesive and close-knit atmosphere here at Queens'. This can only be achieved if the large (and growing) international body adapts well to college life. Therefore, the welfare and technical aspects of this position are vital to maintaining this sense of community that Queens' is well known for. It is my responsibility to take care of the storage space available to international students outside of term time, when many of you travel back home. I will be the person to contact in terms of supervising the storage allocation for the holidays, as well as granting permission to use it. Furthermore, from the welfare aspect of the position, I will be looking at organising social events both for Queens' internationals exclusively and with internationals from other colleges. I will also be available throughout the year in case you need welfare support, have any concerns or queries, or just want somebody to talk to- I'm always willing to chat! Feel free to email me.

Email: jcr-international@queens.cam.ac.uk

Sports and Societies Officer: Dan Lafferty

Hi, I'm Dan, and I have the pleasure of having two jobs on the JCR.As sports and socs officer, I'm responsible for communication between students, societies, the JCR, and college. Having an outlet beyond work is vital in such a demanding environment, and with that in mind (and a little Queens? pride) I work to encourage participation among students.As Vice-President of QEnts, I'm a means of communication between QEnts and the JCR, and I'm responsible for ensuring that bops are run smoothly and responsibly. Bops are an incredibly fun part of Queens' life and I hope you can enjoy yourself at bops as much as I do (see various ridiculous costumes involving excessive face paint).Please do get in touch if you have any queries or want to raise any issues with me, I'm always around if you want a chat in the caf', or you can email me.

Email: jcr-sportsandsocs@queens.cam.ac.uk

Accommodation Officer: George Moore

I'm George and I'm the accommodation and environment officer this year. As the name suggests I have two quite distinct roles on the JCR. The accommodation side involves being the go between between housekeeping, maintenance, and students. I try to solve problems that come up with gyp rooms or cleaning, heating, etc. As of this year I no longer run the room ballot, but am still heavily involved in it and make myself available to answer all questions about room choices. As Environment officer, I try to make College a greener place to live. I get us involved in university wide initiatives and push for College to do more to help the environment. If you have any problems with accommodation or ideas about green things then email me, I'll be glad to hear them.

Email: jcr-accommodation@queens.cam.ac.uk

LGBT+ Officer: Hayden Banks

Hey, I'm Hayden, your LGBT+ Welfare and Representative Officer for 2016-17. I am here to represent the needs of all students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and anything else other than cis-gendered, heterosexual! I do this by acting as a welfare adviser for these students, with weekly drop-in hours where students can come and speak to me about adjusting to the LGBT+ scene here at Cambridge. I know from my first year settling into University with doubts about your sexual orientation can make the process even tougher, and I'm here to help others who are facing similar difficulties. I'm also a representative for these students, and am therefore keen to facilitate greater discussion in college by organising more speaker events and discussion groups to increase awareness of the intersectional oppression facing LGBT individuals in modern society. Finally, I aim to create a more inclusive community, linking Queens' queer students to University-wide campaigns and social events.

Email: jcr-lgbtq@queens.cam.ac.uk

Ents President: Louisa Sober

Hey I'm Louisa and I'm your QEnts president for 2016/17. The events which QEnts runs are such an amazing and fun aspect of college and I'm so excited to be in charge of running these. I'm responsible for running the QEnts committee as well as coordinating with the college. Apart from the usual bops in Michaelmas and Lent, bar events such candle club and karaoke throughout the year and also Queens' summer garden party Bounce in May week, this year we will also be running film screenings of popular movies and TV shows on the giant screen in the Fitzpat! If you have any ideas or questions about QEnts events feel free to contact me on by email or message QEnts through our Facebook page. If you have any ideas for bop themes specifically there is also a suggestion box in the bar.

Email: jcr-ents-president@queens.cam.ac.uk

Women's Representative Officer: Issy Spiro

Hello, I'm Issy Spiro, your Women?s Representative Officer. I'm here to make sure you feel Queens? is a fair and equal place for women. Part of this involves working with CUSU, representing your needs in Women's forums and pooling the many resources they have to help on a college level. I work with CUSU Women's Campaign on addressing many issues, including sexual consent, 'lad' culture, the gendered grade gap, and gendered access. I'm also here to keep you informed on what's going on around the university, in terms of female representation, discussion, and activism, and to keep you involved as much as possible. Within Queens' I will also be working with the Women's Welfare Officer, to organise Women's Dinner,which has been a great success in the past, and I'm in charge of the Queens' Feminist Society. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there's any injustice or prejudice you feel needs addressed within Queens', or anything you want raised in the wider university campaigns. I am here to listen to, to support, and to represent you, so please do get in touch!

Email: jcr-womens-rep@queens.cam.ac.uk

Black & Minority Ethnic Officer: Karthic Kumar

Hi, I'm Karthik and I'm your BME officer for 2016-17. Since arriving at Cambridge I have found ethnic societies such a welcoming and culturally satisfying environment, and I believe that more can be done to achieve this at a college level. As a BME representative I wish to achieve this through increasing awareness of different cultures through arranging talks, themed formals and discussions in collaboration with other colleges. I understand the apprehension freshers may have about their cultural differences to others, and I will be happy to talk about them and ensure that provisions are made available. I shall also work with CUSU and Access to understand how barriers for BME representation can be removed. With this knowledge, I aim to set up mentoring schemes and go to schools with high proportions of BME students to increase BME participation at Cambridge. If you have any queries - or indeed ideas - please contact me.

Email: jcr-bme@queens.cam.ac.uk

Disabilities Officer: Beth Walters

Hi, my name is Beth, and I'm a First Year studying English. What having a disability means to me is anything that affects your capacity to work on a normal level, whether this is a long-term physical, mental or sensory impairment, a broken bone or a new condition. I'm particularly passionate about non-visible disabilities, as someone with several myself. I feel very lucky to have a role that insects with so many others, disability is never exclusive to one gender, race, sexual orientation or background, but it is so important to be mindful of how all these issues interact! I'm going to run weekly drop in sessions, publicise the channels of support you're able to get through the university Disability Resource Centre and help build awareness in college. I am extraordinarily excited to feedback to you how CUSU deal with the election of a new Disabilities Sabbatical Officer too! I'm always around with tea and biscuits/chocolate/fruit so please feel free to email or message me if you need to chat or are in a bit of a pickle.

Email: jcr-disabilities@queens.cam.ac.uk