JCR Committee

President: Hope Whitehead

'Kia ora!

My biggest job is leading the JCR Committee and supporting its members, but I’m also here to make your life at Queens’ the best it can be by representing your views to college.

As part of that, I sit on meetings that range from ensuring the consistency of everyday life at Queens’ to decision making meetings with senior members of the college.

I am the voice of students and Head of the JCR. We're always eager to get your feedback so we can accurately reflect your views.

So feel free to send me an email if you have any thoughts you’d like to share.

My focus for this year is making the amazing welfare services we have in college even better, and increasing transparency around what the JCR does - what we’re currently working on.

I’m hoping to bring in a bigger social media presence for our committee so it’s more accessible to everyone who wants to see what we’re up to.'

Email: jcr-president@queens.cam.ac.uk

Vice President (Internal): Nellie Popplewell

Hi. My role - Treasurer, means I'm responsible for the JCR bank accounts and college stash.

This primarily involves me handling reimbursements for societies throughout the year and the payments for yearly group dinners.

At the beginning of the year I will also manage society budget allocations.

Stash can be ordered all year around from here

I organise the order deadlines with our suppliers and am very happy to take requests for new stash items.

Please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions or queries at my email

Email: jcr-vp-internal@queens.cam.ac.uk

Vice President (External): Ben Collins


In this role I head up the Welfare sub-committee and so will be working with Scott, Leila, Sana, Miranda and Charlie to make sure that you're happy, healthy and are enjoying your time at Queens'.

I'm also responsible for checking up on our relationship with CUSU (Cambridge University Students Union), making the most of their resources and representing you at the CUSU Council meetings.

Drop me an email (boc23) if you've got any questions about welfare/CUSU/anything else, feel free to drop by my room.

Email: jcr-vp-external@queens.cam.ac.uk

Secretary: Tristan O'Brien

I am Tristan, a second year HSPSer from Sydney, Australia.

I love to sail, run, and watch UNTV.

My job as Secretary is to send you all relevant information about Queens and the wider University, which I do in a weekly newsletter. I also send a draft of each week's JCR Committee minutes so you know what we are up to.

As Academics Officer I am hear to ensure that learning is as easy as possible for you. If you have any problems that you would like me to relay to the fellows, library or Tutorial Office, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Email: jcr-secretary@queens.cam.ac.uk

Freshers Reps: Kristina Kralova & Dionne O'Brien

Coming to university might seem scary. New environment, being (probably) fully on your own for the first time...

As Freshers’ reps we are here to ensure everyone feels welcome and gets into Uni life as smoothly as possible.

The core of our work is the running of the Freshers’ Week in 2017, meaning that any incoming freshers will see a lot of us upon arrival.

We are very keen on keeping on planning many social event for this year’s freshers as well, such as subject swaps or college come-dine-with-me.

Outside this, for the three years to come we are in charge of organising First Year Dinner/Halfway Halls/Third Year Dinner for members of our year group (intake 2016).

Our role also has a welfare aspect, and we are most likely the two members of the JCR that any freshers in college will have the most frequent interactions with.

So do not ever hesitate to contact us about anything. We are simply always here for you!

Email: jcr-firstyear@queens.cam.ac.uk


Computer Officer: Alex Petrosyan

Hey. I'm your first stop for any IT related question. I maintain the old but trusty JCR website, so if you see any typos, a page that leads nowhere or have a link from a JCR member that you can't follow, you should send me an email. I'm also responsible for student cybersecurity, so if you get a suspicious email, you should let me know. On that note, I'm a big fan of GNU/OpenSource software in terms of security, so if you want any Linux related help, I'm here for you. Last, I'm not a qualified PC/Laptop repairman, but I know where you might find one. I'm a bit of a hardware geek, so feel free to chat about anything and everything related to Computer innovation.

Email: jcr-computer@queens.cam.ac.uk
Room: S10

Steward: Will Ackernley

Hi. My role is to work with Catering to ensure that everyone gets the best possible gastronomical experience during their time in college.

I also organise the Guest Nights throughout the year, where you get the opportunity to invite family and friends from in- and outside of Cambridge,.

I am your go-to contact for anything food or formal related. If you have any suggestions, complaints or questions regarding any aspect of the catering department or food, please don't hesitate to drop me an email, facebook message or stop me if you see me around college.

Email: jcr-steward@queens.cam.ac.uk

Access Officer: Charlie Eardley


I’m responsible for getting students involved with Queens’ Access scheme, which encourages students from state school and other non-traditional backgrounds to apply to Cambridge.

I work closely with our Schools Liaison Officer - Maria McElroy, and together we organise college tours, open days, and the Access Roadshow, which visits state schools in our link areas of Kent, Bradford, and Havering.

If you’re already at Queens’ and want to be involved with Access, we have a Facebook page (just search for Queens’ Access Team) where you can find everything we do.

If you’re a prospective student looking to apply to Queens’, you can drop me an email with any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Email: jcr-access@queens.cam.ac.uk

Welfare & Women's Officer: Leila Hagmann

Hey Queens of Queens'.

As your women's welfare officer I want to make sure everyone here (male/ female/ non-binary) has have the best possible time and always feel safe.

I'm a friendly face around college (or at least hope to be!) so please don't hesitate to say hi or come see me for a chat anytime!

Message, email or ask me in person for any sexual health supplies and I will confidentially drop them off in your pidge.

Every Monday Scott and I hold drop in welfare sessions, where we relax and chat in a safe environment. Come and meet us or if you have something to discuss in private we can pop next door.

Alternatively contact me via email (lmh76), Facebook, or come to my room and I'll be happy to listen or help in any way I can. Please let me know if you have any ideas how we can make Queens' an even more welcoming and inclusive space.

Remember that no problem is ever too trivial (come even just for a chat) and that you are your number one priority.

Welfare love x x x x

Email: jcr-womens-welfare@queens.cam.ac.uk
Room: CC37

Welfare & Men's Officer: Scott Miller


I'm Scott, this year's Men's Welfare Officer. My role is to promote the well-being of undergraduate students in college and to facilitate your access to welfare resources (both the extensive welfare team and the distribution of sexual health supplies).

In particular, I am here to focus on boosting awareness around men’s mental health, something which is often clouded by stigma.

I will also be working very closely with the Women’s Welfare Officer, Leila, to ensure we are always here for you.

Regardless of your gender, please don’t hesitate to email or visit us, as we are always willing to listen. We will be hosting Welfare Chill sessions every Monday evening in Cripps, so please do come along to see us!

Email: jcr-mens-welfare@queens.cam.ac.uk

International Officer: Zsofi Belovai

Hi Everyone. My role is to keep the international community close, and help everyone integrate into college life through events.

The reason I ran for this position is, I think it's important to help every student from abroad get the most detailed information on how life works in the United Kingdom.

I went through hell... Bureaucracy and even getting settled in the first few weeks... so I would like to help in any way I can in official and somewhat less official matters.

I will make sure that nobody is left behind, knows how to open a bank account, buy a new phone, where to buy batteries.

Another important job of mine is to arrange storage for international people during vacations.

If you have a question regarding any of those issues, or you just want to have a chat, e-mail me or stop me anywhere and I will be happy to answer.

Email: jcr-international@queens.cam.ac.uk

Sports and Societies Officer: Maya Fooks

Hi, I'm Maya and I'm Sports and Societies of Officer and QEnts VP.

As Sports and Soc's officer I am responsible for communication between the students,societies, the JCR and college.

It involves organising the freshers fair at the beginning of the year, and ensuring all extracurricular activities at Queens' run smoothly. So get in touch if you want more information about a college society or if you want to start your own!

As QEnts VP I work alongside Sian (QEents president) to ensure communication between QEnts and the JCR, as well as being involved in organising Ents events such as the bops and bounce.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries or want to raise any issues with me, I'm always around if you want a chat, or you can drop me an email :)

Email: jcr-sportsandsocs@queens.cam.ac.uk

Accommodation Officer: Gaby Anderson

Hey! Although I do have two pretty distinct roles on the JCR committee they go together rather well.

As part of the Environment side, I work with College to make Queens' as green as it can be and liaise with university wide campaigns, like the Student Switch Off campaign.

On the other side, I am in regular contact with housekeeping and maintenance to sort out problems that arise for students in and around College accommodation, e.g. gyps, heating, etc.

I am an approachable person so feel free to contact me if you have any questions (or suggestions) having to do with accommodation or environment!

Email: jcr-accommodation@queens.cam.ac.uk

LGBT+ Officer: Miranda Imperial

Hi! This is Miranda (she/her). I’m here to represent the plurality of sexual and gender identities within the vibrant and tight-knit Queens’ LGBT+ community!

My job is to make sure that every LGBT+ student in Queens’ can safely and comfortably express themselves. Queens’ is a safe and accepting place to be LGBT+ and I will provide welfare support throughout the year to ensure this.

With weekly drop-in hours to help students with their concerns, be they settling into uni life as queer students, questioning their sexuality, needing advice on sexual health and contraception, experiencing any form of discrimination, or just wanting a friendly chat, I will attempt to be your go-to resource and offer support, or redirect you.

I aim to continue creating a more inclusive community within our College. We are keen to facilitate greater discussion around LGBT+ issues by organising discussion groups, speakers’ events and linking Queens' queer students to the wider university LGBT+ scene.

Please don't hesitate to contact me through email, Facebook, or anywhere around college!

Email: jcr-lgbtq@queens.cam.ac.uk

Ents President: Sian Davies

Hi. I'm in charge of bops (regular once every-two-weeks type of parties), bar events and bounce (annual garden party). Any ideas for events in college? Feel free to email me.

Email: jcr-ents-president@queens.cam.ac.uk

Women's Representative Officer: Leah Jones

Hello, my name is Leah and I’m a second year studying English.

As your Women’s Representative Officer I am here to support all those who identify as women here at Queens’ - raising awareness of any issues we might be facing and promoting gender equality.

My role involves running the bi-weekly Queens’ Feminist Society, organising the annual Women’s Dinner for students, alumni and college staff as well hosting the Feminist Society’s garden party in May Week. Currently, I am in the process of putting together a photography exhibition of female academic staff/alumni to be displayed in Cripps Hall for Michaelmas Term 2017.

I am also always here if you would have any questions, issues or ideas. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Much love!

Email: jcr-womens-rep@queens.cam.ac.uk

Black & Minority Ethnic Officer: Sana Ali


My name’s Sana and I’m your BME Officer this year.

From my personal experience, being BME at Cambridge can be difficult and isolating at times; so pls know that I am literally always here to tend to every/any need you might have.

I have endless amounts of biscuits, love, wholesome Pakistani food and time to give you so don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason! Our BME community at Queens’ are particularly friendly and non-judgemental and I hope that, through various social and educational events held throughout the year, the Queens’ BME love will be v clear.

I study HSPS but please feel free to come to me for any academic (or non-academic) questions you have and I can direct you to someone who can help! My door is always open if you ever need to rant, cry, laugh, chat, or literally just take my food so just drop me a message!

Finally, congrats on getting to Queens’ and remember that your thoughts and opinions are valid and necessary here.

BME love

Email: jcr-bme@queens.cam.ac.uk

Disabilities Officer: Tom Mayer

Hey. I'm here to support you with any questions, queries or qualms you may have living at Queens' with a disability.

The legal definition of disability is

"a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effects on your ability to do normal daily activities"

That's all well and good, but it ignores many health problems that may be less 'long-term' or 'substantial' but still affect your studies and frantic lifestyles during a Cambridge term.

As such, feel free to come to me whenever your health affects your living here; I'm also a junior member of the welfare team so I'm happy to listen to any other worries you may be having!

I live in V1 in Fisher so feel free to come by if you want to chat in person. I'm also tragically active on Facebook so there's another place to try me :)"

Email: jcr-disabilities@queens.cam.ac.uk
Room: V1