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Boat Club Squash: 2:30-3:30pm Monday 5th October 2015, Fitzpatrick Hall

QCBC is the largest club at Queens’ and over 40% of students row during their time at Cambridge. We are the only sport to offer professional coaching in every term. People participate at all levels, from complete novice to Boat Race veteran. We welcome all those interested in trying out rowing or coxing, regardless of fitness level, or prior experience.

Rowing is a team sport and, in Cambridge, usually involves boats of eight rowers and a cox. Timing and coordination of the whole crew are vital to boat speed, making technique just as important as fitness and strength.

Learning to row from complete beginner is easier to organise and more fun if you start in October; although we welcome new novices throughout the year. However, you don’t have to be a fresher to novice; learning to row in your second or third year is a great way to make friends with the freshers and stop feeling left out of all the boatie fun.

In March and June, all college crews take part in the unique Bumps races. The aim is to crash your boat into the one in front before the crew behind crashes into you! This leads to some of the most exciting and well supported competition you will ever be involved in.

Bumps is raced in eights and coxing is a vital part of the racing. We welcome current and train novice coxes. You’ll gain the skills to steer the boat, motivate the crew when racing and correct their technique in training. This makes the cox perhaps the most influential member of the crew. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t have to be absolutely tiny to cox! While at a professional level, coxes weigh between 55-60kg some of the best coxes we’ve had have been up to 70kg, or even more!

QCBC is a very sociable club, providing many opportunities to meet students from other years at Queens’ and other colleges at Cambridge; at Boatie Formals, our Bonfire Night party, Fairbairn’s cocktails and the infamous Bumps Dinners.

For more information, come along to our Boat Club Squash (details above), or feel free to get in touch with any of our committee in the meantime.

President: Alex Sharrad (

Men’s Captain: George Cameron  (

Women’s Captain: Laura Dearman (

Coxes’ Captain: Tom Hiom (

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Luke Chapman
Luke Chapman,
Sports, Societies and Entertainments Officer