Hey all,

Under Will Oram’s express sanction, I have started a VP External blog where I will post my summaries of the goings-on of CUSU and other aspects of student politics outside of Queens’.

This will be a supplement to my email list, which you can subscribe to by sending me an email at jcr-vp-ext@queens.cam.ac.uk.

The blog is called ‘There is more to Cambridge than Queens’.  Long, I know, but it sums up what I want its message to be.

It is on Blogger. Apparently that is not the blog-publishing medium of choice according to my roomie.

The link is here -> thereismoretocambridgethanqueens.blogspot.co.uk

In due course I will upload my first two CUSU ‘low-downs’

Hope you enjoy,


VP External

Queens’ JCR are hard at work on their new facebook page.

Check it out here.