From the 11th to the 19th of May, the college will be out of the first Quiet Period of Easter Term.  The second Quiet Period will commence on the 20th of May until 14th of June, midday.

Please be aware that from now on until the final exams on the 14th of June, many students will be studying and working hard so please keep the noise levels to a minimum and be respectful of others.

Society budget requests are now being taken!

The deadline for requests is midnight on 10th October. Please go to for details on how to apply.

Hey all,

Under Will Oram’s express sanction, I have started a VP External blog where I will post my summaries of the goings-on of CUSU and other aspects of student politics outside of Queens’.

This will be a supplement to my email list, which you can subscribe to by sending me an email at

The blog is called ‘There is more to Cambridge than Queens’.  Long, I know, but it sums up what I want its message to be.

It is on Blogger. Apparently that is not the blog-publishing medium of choice according to my roomie.

The link is here ->

In due course I will upload my first two CUSU ‘low-downs’

Hope you enjoy,


VP External

Queens’ JCR are hard at work on their new facebook page.

Check it out here.