Thomas Webster,
Computer Officer

Our JCR President Jess Tray is blogging about the things your JCR committee is getting up to. You can read about the Access Officer Hayden Banks’ Access Roadshow, Women’s Rep Connie Muttock’s involvement with “Reclaim the Night”, the live blog of the room ballot organized Accommodation Officer Joe Levin and much, much more. You can view it all here.

Hey all,

Under Will Oram’s express sanction, I have started a VP External blog where I will post my summaries of the goings-on of CUSU and other aspects of student politics outside of Queens’.

This will be a supplement to my email list, which you can subscribe to by sending me an email at

The blog is called ‘There is more to Cambridge than Queens’.  Long, I know, but it sums up what I want its message to be.

It is on Blogger. Apparently that is not the blog-publishing medium of choice according to my roomie.

The link is here ->

In due course I will upload my first two CUSU ‘low-downs’

Hope you enjoy,


VP External

Queens’ JCR are hard at work on their new facebook page.

Check it out here.